Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And Now, A Brief Musical Interlude

Things have been pretty quiet around the Shack lately. No, I'm not throwing in the towel (I will maintain this blog, damn it. I will not allow it to be consigned to the scrap heap of internet history. SO THERE); I've just been pretty busy with other things--primarily school, seeing as I'm, you know, graduating in about a month and a half here (a subject on which my feelings can be accurately summed up thusly: aaaaaaahhhhhhh).

But I've also been relatively quiet for another reason, and that's music. I've been entrenched in songwriting these last few weeks, and some things are (finally) starting to come together. Given that some of my long-time listeners seem to have become convinced that I'm all talk, however, I figured I'd prove them wrong with a little sample of a song I'm working on.

This is just a rough cut right now--I'm not sure how much I like the whole 8-bit sound, and I'd definitely like to expand the song harmonically in the future. And the little dubstep section at the end was tacked on as a last-minute experiment, but the results turned out reasonably all right, I think.

Please to enjoy.

Oh, and it's tentatively titled "Felix." As in the cat. Because Felix rules.

download link (mp3)

(Tools used: Logic Pro 8 with Plogue Chipsounds and Arturia Minimoog V 2.0.)


  1. Needs more cowbell.

    Well, that may not be strictly true. I could go for a guitar solo though. Definitely some harmonic upgrades. And maybe a looped track of a girl with a german accent and breathy voice saying something weird/sexy like "get into my aeroplane".

    Make more music.

  2. felix da housecat meets phiphal goes funk. dubstep part roolz